How To Become a Real Estate Agent In Alaska

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of mountains, glaciers, and pristine wilderness, Alaska offers not only awe-inspiring natural beauty but also a unique real estate market that’s ripe with opportunities.

If you’ve ever dreamt of a career where you can combine your passion for the great outdoors with helping individuals find their dream homes, becoming a real estate agent in Alaska might be your calling.

This guide will take you through the essential steps and requirements to embark on a career in real estate in the Last Frontier.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for a change or someone eager to start a new adventure, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to begin your journey as a real estate agent in Alaska.

How Do I Become a Real Estate Agent in Alaska?

Becoming a real estate agent in Alaska opens doors to a world of breathtaking landscapes, thriving communities, and unique property transactions. 

Whether you’re a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned professional, this comprehensive guide will lead you through the steps and requirements to become a licensed real estate agent in the largest state in the U.S.

Step 1: Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Before you can start your journey as a real estate agent in Alaska, you need to ensure you meet the state’s eligibility criteria:

  • Age: You must be at least 19 years old to apply for a real estate license in Alaska.
  • Legal Residency: Applicants must be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.
  • High School Diploma: A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

Step 2: Complete Pre-License Education.

Alaska mandates that aspiring real estate agents must complete a state-approved pre-license education program. 

This comprehensive course covers essential topics, including real estate principles, practices, laws, and ethics. 

You can choose to attend in-person classes or complete the coursework online, but you must accumulate a minimum of 40 hours of education.

Step 3: Pass the Alaska Real Estate Exam.

Following the successful completion of your pre-license education, you’ll need to pass the Alaska Real Estate Salesperson Exam. 

This exam evaluates your knowledge of real estate laws, regulations, and industry practices. Adequate preparation, often through exam prep courses or self-study, is crucial for success.

Step 4: Find a Sponsoring Broker.

In Alaska, new real estate licensees must affiliate with a licensed real estate broker. The sponsoring broker will provide guidance, mentorship, and a platform to conduct real estate transactions. 

Selecting the right broker is pivotal, as it will greatly influence your career growth and development.

Step 5: Submit Your License Application.

Once you’ve completed your pre-license education, passed the state exam, and secured a sponsoring broker, it’s time to submit your application for a real estate license to the Alaska Real Estate Commission (AREC). 

You’ll need to pay the requisite application fee, undergo a background check, and provide documentation of your education and exam results.

Step 6: Complete Post-License Education.

Within the first year of licensure, you must complete post-license education, consisting of approximately 30 hours of coursework. 

This training delves into the practical aspects of real estate transactions, agency relationships, and ethical considerations.

Step 7: Join a Professional Association.

While it’s not mandatory, joining a professional association such as the Alaska Association of Realtors (AAR) or the National Association of Realtors (NAR) can offer valuable resources, networking opportunities, and an added layer of professionalism to your real estate career.

Step 8: Launch Your Real Estate Career.

With your license in hand and post-license education completed, you’re ready to embark on your real estate career in Alaska.

Collaborate closely with your sponsoring broker, build your client base, and leverage your expertise to help buyers and sellers navigate Alaska’s unique real estate market.


Becoming a real estate agent in Alaska is an adventure that combines your passion for this stunning state with a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career. 

By following these steps and consistently honing your skills, you can pave the way for a successful and meaningful journey in Alaska’s vibrant real estate industry. 

As you assist clients in finding their dream properties or navigating property transactions, you’ll play a vital role in connecting individuals with the unique beauty and opportunities that Alaska has to offer.

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